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We deliver Salesforce
support and maintenance to global organizations.


Salesforce support and maintenance, tailored to your business needs.


Managed Services

We operate a dedicated Salesforce support and maintenance team for you, on our payroll, on our premises.

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Build-your-own Solutions

We form and train your own Salesforce support team which you can acquire and operate in-house once you are ready.

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White-label Solutions

As a Salesforce Partner, you can subcontract our resources and deliver them to your clients under your own brand.

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We maintain an enterprise-grade catalog of standard operating procedures.

You can leverage hundreds of existing standard operating procedures or we can work together to build a tailored service catalog for your business.

All in one solution

We deliver enterprise-grade services.

Our clients expect more than a nearshore system administrator.


IT graduates

Salesforce certified

Continuously uptrained

Skilled communicators


Dedicated offices

Secure workstations

Secure network

Failover solutions


Auditable timesheets

On-site presence

Quarterly reviews

Open for inspections


Contracts and SLAs

Industry standards

Stable pricing schedules

Account management

We ensure Salesforce success for our clients.

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Intermino delivers a multi-skilled team of Salesforce experts for full-time support and maintenance of the Salesforce production org.

in partnership with Waeg, an IBM Company

Intermino delivers certified Salesforce developer resources to OMV for continuous Salesforce improvements and engineering.

Let's talk about Salesforce support and maintenance at your company.

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Milana Sadzakov

Sales Manager at Intermino
Novi Sad, Serbia

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